The Trust

The Caisteal Tioram Trust is a charity, founded (as the Clanranald Castle Tioram Trust) in 1997 with the primary aim of purchasing Caisteal Tioram so as to protect and conserve the castle and its surroundings for the public benefit for present and future generations.

In 1997 the Trust successfully raised the asking price of £100,000 for the castle, but was outbid by Anta Estates, an offshore company that paid over £300,000, and which, despite the emphatic rejection of its plans by the Public Local Inquiry of 2001, continues to pursue its aim to reconstruct the castle as a private house.

The Trust has continued to campaign for the proper maintenance of the castle, including any necessary works of consolidation, an aim endorsed by Historic Scotland in its authoritative assessment of the castle in 2006.

A key issue is the general condition of the castle, and the urgency of repairs or consolidation. The Trust carries out regular inspections of the castle.

The Trust also campaigns for the restoration of full public access, a case it continues to press with Highland Council, and keeps a watching brief on any potential developments that might disturb the tranquillity of the castle and its setting.

The Trust promotes research on the history of Clanranald, Castle Tioram and the Lordship of the Isles, and appropriate interpretation of the castle for the benefit of visitors. However it believes that any interpretive centre should be located well away from the Castle so as to avoid intrusion on its unique setting.


The current Trustees are:

Prof. Denis Mollison, Inveresk (Chair)
John Hutchison, Corpach (Secretary)
Roy Cattle, Dorlin
Colin Corlett, Dorlin Estate
Dr. Michael Foxley, Achaphubuil

Contact details:

Scottish Charity no : SC 027121.

Trustees June 2015 (L to R): Colin Corlett, Michael Foxley, Roy Cattle, Tearlach Macfarlane, John Hutchison, Denis Mollison